Friends of SaberCraft

Below are videos of performances by members of SaberCraft for various performance groups. SaberCraft is not responsible for the subject matter of any of these performances as SaberCraft is a saber choreography school that focuses on teaching the Temporal Notation System and for the furthering of LUMINA as the premiere saber choreography sport. All the performances below were conducted without pay and as no means a promotion for any particular organization unless otherwise mentioned. Much as dance schools have dance troops that perform independently or martial arts schools may contribute to the skill set of an actor, SaberCraft provides instruction for saber enthusiasts who are interested in taking the art to the stage as much as they are into LUMINA.

The Millennial Falcons - Underground Saber Battle 2019

The Millennial Falcons - Underground Saber Battle 2018

Dagobah Temple @the Imax Ft. Lauderdale

Hialeah Underground Intergalactic Battle


Magic City Knights @the Miami Marlins

The Hunt for Ahsoka - Miami Book Fair