Form: Shii Cho

Form: Shii Cho

Introduction to Shii-Cho

Shii-Cho is a memorized solo form focused on utilizing various trajectories of the standard 1-10 target points. It also introduces the saberist to balanced postures and introducing them into saber forms in order to add drama and flair.

Download: Shii-Cho Notation

Video Tutorials

Section 1:


Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Feet Strike   Feet Strike   Feet Strike
Left 0 Right 0 Right Fl-Fwd
Right Right-forward 0m3 Left 11©
Left 11© Left 3m9 Right
Right Left (recall) Right (recall) Pause
Left Attack Pose Pause Right (stay) 12
Right Left Right (stay) Pt9
Left Right Right (skip)
Right Left 11© Left
Left 12© Feet Together Neutral Feet Together
Feet Together 0 Neutral Stance Neutral Stance

© – Complete
Pt: Pitch
m: Modifier

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Why we use LED stunt sabers

Why we use LED stunt sabers

There’s a variety of reasons why a saber choreography class may use an LED saber. As we combine aspects of saber choreography along with Yoga, Movement, Meditation, and Dance, we utilize the LED saber because it helps us in a variety of ways starting with the “hero” or “villain” we picture inside ourselves. It gives us a chance to connect with that inner child that was obsessed with being the hero/villain of their own personal story.

We all still harbor the hero within our hearts. Without sounding too poetic, it is also known as Anchoring in Neuro-linguistic programming. By utilizing an object and putting yourself in a mind space for it, it induces one to go into a certain mind-set or state of consciousness. An easy way to look at this would be every single time a fireman grabs his jacket and hat. When they grab it and put it on they get themselves ready in their mind for the challenge that comes ahead. The same can be said for the police officer putting on his badge.

In addition to that, we have a variety of reasons why we use LED Sabers:

  • Safety – By utilizing an LED saber, classes tend to be safer. We do not use heavy foam sabers or blunt weapons. There are no blades. The LED sabers tend to have a slight flexibility to them as well so in some cases they give away.
  • Brilliance – As we are swinging the Sabers, student can easily see them coming because of their Brilliance. Brilliance, once we dim the lights and put up the music you need to be able to clearly see where each person is in class. Because the LED saber is so brilliant one can look around the room and see exactly where each student is.
  • Glow-stick – Part of being in Miami and part of what we do is establishing a connection to the music. With an LED stick one can then go into a dance performance very similar to how it would be done at a rave or at an EDM concert.
  • Elegance – the LED saber is in a is an gorgeous prop. The sleek aluminum, the brilliant lights, the cool touch, the weight, and many other details really make the LED saber the choice tool for SaberCraft. Note: we do not use sounds related to sabers as they tend to be extremely distracting in class environments.
  • Lightweight – Weighing less than a pound they provide a very versatile tool.
  • Variety – There are a variety of hilt and colors available. Because of that one can express themselves however they see fit in our classes. This goes beyond what color is deemed “good” or if a color is deemed “evil”. It’s simply colors – Colors and connections.

So as you can see, there is a variety of reasons why one would use an LED saber for this type of class.

What’s the difference between an LED Stunt Saber and a Lightsaber?

Simple, a lightsaber is a fictitious weapon from the Star Wars saga that can cut through most things in the galaxy and it was powered by the Force through crystals. An LED Stunt Saber is a real manufactured saber for saber-hobbyists and martial artists. It is usually powered by batteries and cannot cut through anything as it a blunt item.

SaberCraft has the largest selection of LED Sabers available to the public for any class in the Southeast US.

Come by if you’re interested in learning more.

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Florida Supercon 2016

Florida Supercon 2016

From Florida Supercon Workshops 2016. Posted by Magic City Jedi on 7/10/2016 (62 items)

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Ranking: Level 2 – Acolyte

Ranking: Level 2 – Acolyte

Hmmm...seems like you haven't logged in yet. Did you know that you can login by creating a Free SaberCraft Online account? Just Register today.
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Ranking: Level 1 – Initiate

Ranking: Level 1 – Initiate

Hmmm...seems like you haven't logged in yet. Did you know that you can login by creating a Free SaberCraft Online account? Just Register today.
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Is this class for me? Yes!

Is this class for me? Yes!

We decided to open a saber-based chapter here back in 2015 and slowly it’s gained momentum until last year when kicked it into gear and started our official classes. Why saber based – because we are not solely based on just LED Sabers. There’s way more to this. So what do we cover in these classes and why would it apply to you. SaberCraft is about the following:

  • Dancing – learning pre-rehearsed forms with the sabers, expressing one-self in a dance with others
  • Stage Combat – not real combat, Everything is rehearsed for staged performances, shows or an organized form of LARPing
  • Discipline – completing routines over and over to attend a zen-state-of-mind
  • Acting – rehearsed and improve acting and building self-confidence in front of others
  • Yoga –  increased stretching, complimenting your daily workouts, building balance and truly understanding your body
  • Meditation – building gratitude in your life and learning to quiet the senses to explore our inner self
  • Imagination – exploring your creativity – costuming, photography, expression
  • Empowerment – getting more physically fit and building self-confidence personally and in front of others
  • Family – meeting like minded individuals who are interested in saber combat and looking for partners to practice with

Our classes are for people who want to have fun! Geeks, freaks, actors, moms, dads, kids or anyone who wants to truly feel empowered. People who want to find the hero inside themselves and step up in character. Folks who love to use their imagination and are interested in hanging out with other saberists, actors, cosplay players, and Con-attendees.

We are not teaching a “Martial Arts” nor “Fencing” class. We are teaching how to clash sabers and make it look good! There is no need to buy gear like a helmet or gloves. The best part about is that because you’re not bashing each other on the head, this is not an all-boys club. Our classes are equally 50% women and 50% men breaking any taboo or “norm”.

Swinging sticks recklessly will end up with someone getting hit in the head or worse. Rather than just swinging wildly, we teach you how to duel with others in a systematic way that makes it more competitive as it binds you and your partner to specific combination of moves.

Most actual fights in real life end in 2 moves. Staged Combat choreography tells a story. It is what lures us in when we watch a movie that has duelists. We want to see the spins. We want to see the drama and the split second hits. That’s what this class is about. It’s for students looking to play out a beautiful scene that tells a narrative and told through words, movement and the drama all while using a system.

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