CM-O – Musashi vs Tanaka

CM-O, or as we call it: Space Samurai, is a choreography inspired by the Musashi versus Tanaka fight from Westworld Season 2, Episode 5 (see original video). Each CM up to this point has been 1 CM out of our CM Core library; CM-O is first in the CORE Library that is actually a combination of 1 or more CMs. In this case, we are combining 2 stand-alone CMs CM 51 (worth 2 points) and CM 52 (worth 2 points) and combining them into 1 LUMINA Powerplay which we then call CM-O (worth 5 points). In this saber choreography, instructors Amen Abdou and Alexis Adames from walk you through the roles in this action packed choreography. Choreography notation by: Amen Abdou.


Lumen A steps forward bends front knee at 45°, places saber at rear hip as if holstered, head tilted forward as if to lunge. Example:

Telegraph CM-O


CM-O (CM Powerplay:51 - 52)

CM: 51 - Musashi vs Takana (Westworld)
Telegraph: Lunge with hip holster
Lumina Points: 2

CM: 51 - Musashi vs Takana (Westworld)
Telegraph: N/A
Lumina Points: 2
CM:52 - Musashi vs Takana (Westworld)

Original Battle

CM-O Interpretation Battle

CM-O demod by students

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Notation Challenge

Notation Challenge

Throughout 2019 we, as a team, will notate a number of famous staged battles utilising the TNS. The Notation Challenge's goal is to help you develop your notation skills while contributing to the lightsaber community, theater companies and other costumed groups out there. Being a part of this challenge goes just beyond notation as you will also contribute to the future SaberCraft curriculum and a part of many sequences available in LUMINA. In order to be a part of this challenge, you will have to work with others as a team in order to review a battle, notate it, compare and compromise. You will work with your team to develop the battle into CMs and help decide a single CM that will go into the SaberCraft Core CM library. Future saber choreography clubs will be able to download these fights and re-enact them as well because of your contribution to the community. Interested in notating a different battle? Come see us at our next class and present your idea to the instructors. Let's get started.


  1. Pick a famous fight below
  2. Enroll in the challenge to reserve your spot
  3. Download our notation worksheet
  4. Notate the fight
  5. Reach consensus by working with your partners and agree on notation
  6. Break the battle into CMs (min 6 strikes, max 19 strikes, pauses count as strikes)
  7. Upload your completed notation
  8. Present 1 CM to the class
  9. Your work is added to our CM library and published on credited with you as the editor.

Teams & Challenges

As teams are added, they will be listed here along with the fight they've chosen.

Obi-Wan vs Darth Vader

Dooku vs Obi Wan and Anakin - Revenge of the Sith

Maul vs Qui-Gon - Phantom Menace

Anakin vs Obi-Wan

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2018 LUMINA Winners

2018 LUMINA Winners

1st Place: Adaal – 248 points

Alexis "Adaal" Adames

Alexis "Adaal" Adames

2nd Place: Rhono – 238 points

3rd Place: Waoki – 230 points

Jorge "Waoki" Arenas

Jorge "Waoki" Arenas

Vanguard: Canaris – 5 of 8 wins


Top Judge: Cole

The Winners of the 2018 LUMINA games are:

Current Top LUMENS:
1st Place: Adaal: 248 points
2nd Place: Thom: 238 points
3rd Place: Waoki: 230 points

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Sponsorship with Ripper Blades

Sponsorship with Ripper Blades

Ripper Blades joins us as our official sponsor for the LUMINA 2019 games. Ripper Blades are unique, hand-made blades for all forms of LED Saber Combat. Each blade is unique crafted by artisan, Gary A. Ripper, a pioneer in the art of the LED Saber Blade. Ripper Blades can be purchased on  Our class would like to send a shout out to Veronica & Gary A. Ripper/Gary A. Ripper of Ripper Blades for sponsoring our LUMINA games this year. We're grateful to be a part of the global saber community and to give something back with our new saber game - LUMINA. We are honored by Vee and Gary's generosity in helping our community shine. #shineigniterise

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SaberCraft joins the Saberist Academy

SaberCraft joins the Saberist Academy

SaberCraft is proud to announce that we are building a partnership with Saberist Academy. Saberist Academy is a Consortium of Saber Instructors operating in their own MetaStyle of either Academic Study, Stage Combat, Flow, or Sport Dueling, but it all is rooted in The 8 Core Principles It is an important resource in the Art of LED Saber Combat and Stage Combat. SaberCraft’s classes and lessons are based on the MetaStyle focus of Stage Combat and Flow. An important goal of SaberCraft is to prepare its students for any form of either performance or choreography sport competition.

As SaberCraft has developed LUMINA as a new saber choreography game system, it’s MetaStyle will be focused on Academic Study and Sport Dueling. Utilizing the Temporal Notation System, LUMINA will convert any/all notation systems into a universal collection of choreography movements. Each system/school will have its own library of moves and notations specific to that system.

Through LUMINA meets, Sport Dueling will be the primary focus as LUMENS will compete with each other in order to accrue points to win the season.

Saberist Academy is headed by Flynn Michaels, a pioneer in saber clubs throughout the US and the world. Saberist Academy focuses on building a community of various saber club instructors in order to build the saber community and awareness of its various sports, clubs and schools. Saberist Academy has established itself with a saber store called the Kyber Cave located in Fairfield, California.

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CM-H: Continuous Flow

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CM-C: Completes and Telegraphs

In this CM, you will notice a parameter that has been added to a particular defense. When a number goes after P, you can modify it with the "M" designator to specify where the tip of the saber is pointing for that particular defense pose. In this CM, we commit to a 3 Parry noted 3P but we turn saber to point its tip down to the 6 0'clock position. This defensive posture looks like you are defending one side of your body but appears as if you are blocking a strike from behind. This is notated as 3PM6, as it is a 3 Parry, Modified with the saber to point at the 6 position (blade pointed down).

Telegraph: Forward Flourish
Lumina Score: 2

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The CM-40 series captures cinematic history in the first epic battle between father and son. Below is the notation choreography as we notate all parts of this battle.




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