CM-P-Q – Dooku vs Anakin

CM-P and CM-Q, or as we call it: Dooku vs. Anakin, is a choreography inspired by the Dooku vs. Anakin fight from Star Wars: Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith (see original video). We are combining 2 stand-alone CMs CM 61 (worth 2 points) and CM 62 (worth 2 points) and combining them into 1 LUMINA Powerplay which we then call CM-P (worth 5 points). In this saber choreography, instructors Kristianna Jones and Victoria de Cun from walk you through the roles in this action packed choreography. Choreography notation by: Kristianna Jones.

Notated by:

Kristianna "Halin" Jones

Assisted by:

Victoria Vek'tra de Cun

Victoria Vek'tra de Cun


CM-P-TelegraphClaw + Position 1

Original Battle

CM-P (CM Powerplay:61 - 62)

CM: 91 - Dooku vs Anakin (Rev of the Sith)
Telegraph: Claw + Position 1
Lumina Points: 3

CM: 92 - Dooku vs Anakin (Rev of the Sith)
Lumina Points: 1

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