Classes passes cover basic business expenses. Setting an ideal studio environment is where 90% of our class passes profit goes toward.

Rent for the Studio
Class Insurance
Equipment / Business Expenses


When you think of everything else that is involved with building the program, that's where the Knights Memebership Fee goes. SaberCraft can be magical. It can be a system that will be global one day and you could help be a part of starting that movement. Yoga started in India and now it’s world wide.

A Proper Curriculum
Keep your Rank
3 Guest Passes
Documentation & Notation
Access to events
Fun-immersive belt ceremony
Teacher Training
Video tutorials


Your Knight fee gives you the right to instruct others in class. Everyone thinks they’re a teacher. Understand that students coming in come from different backgrounds. Some young, some old. Some challenged, some gifted. We’ve introduced over 1000 people to the basic fundamentals of saber choreography. By paying your dues and properly ranking, we outfit you with special classes and meetings to help you develop your teaching & presentation skills.

3 Guest Passes

Get 3 guest passes a year to share with friends and family. Guest passes are mainly for Fundamentals Class. We do have the option where your guest may attend the Advanced Class but they must practice mainly with you. Guest passes are granted after 3 months of attendance. Guest passes do NOT accumulate and are limited to a maximum of 3.

Value: $45

Website material

Need to remember a particular move or choreography? No need to go googling. Just go to, login and voila, you should have it there. Updated and in an easy to download format.


From notating fights, to breaking them into CMs (including developing the CM system) and building a curriculum whereby our classes stay interesting. Lessons are developed to cover old and new lessons each and every class. We rotate our subjects across time in order to allow anyone to jump in at any team and feel up to pace while presenting a challenge to long-time practitioners. Our curriculum is continually tested and improved. Evolving and changing. Anyone who’s been here for over a year can tell you how much things change in no time. 

How Having Online Lessons Help

Consider having on online repository of all the moves we cover in class

Average Choreographed Movement

Avg. CM involves 15 steps
for just 1 role
(30 for both roles)

Number of Classes to learn choreography

8 Classes of 15 step CMs

Average Choreography

Avg. Choreography combines
54 steps (4 CMs) for both
attacker and defender

Review Online

Review what you want
when you want


If you don’t want to pay the Knights fee because you’re not interested in any of these things, no worries. Keep coming to class and enjoy your SaberCraft training taking what you want out of it. We will still continue doing videos and offer most of them to the public for free because of the generosity of others who are willing to help fund this effort.